Alin Dincă

Journalist / Musician – Rock FM


Alin Dincă is the co-founder and the lead singer of the Romanian rock band TROOPER, the author of two books of poems and a radio producer for more than 15 years. The radio station where he works and where he found the perfect balance between music and the social involvement is called Rock FM. During the 15 years of radio career, Alin Dincă interviewed the greatest artists of the world (Roger Waters, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Peter Gabriel, Guns N’ Roses, Phil Anselmo, Sebastian Bach etc) but he is also known for his involvement in the social life and for the persistency which he uses in signaling the serious problems of the Romanian society; this brought him some official statements from the governors, the politicians and even the Patriarchy.

Besides the facts mentioned above, Alin Dincă was also interested in producing musical events, being the organizer of some remarkable concerts. In 2002, Trooper releases the first LP – Trooper I. From that moment on, the band becomes one of the most famous ones in Romania. The albums to follow – Desant, Electric, Rock’n’Roll Pozitiv, Poemele Valahiei, 15, Voodoo, Atmosfera and the latest În ziua a opta – enhance the position of the band in the charts. In 2006, Alin Dincă publishes his first book of poems, whose success led to a second one in 2008. During the 22 years of music, Trooper has shared the stage with many great rock bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Nazareth, W.A.S.P., Rasmus, Sepultura, Royal Hunt, Blind Guardian, Prodigy and had more than 600 concerts.