Henrik Bondo Nielsen

Head of Division, Area Resources and Guests & Safety – Roskilde Festival


Henrik Bondo Nielsen is a highly experienced festival organizer. He has been a part of the Roskilde Festival in Denmark since 1980 and has been part of the festival’s management team since 1986. Henrik has primarily worked on production, logistics and health and safety and is currently head of 2 of Roskilde Festival’s 5 divisions. Area Resources and Guests & Safety. Henrik is a member of the board of the Danish festival and venue association Dansk Live and is also a member of several national committees who work with event safety in general and accident prevention. In 2006, Henrik took the initiative to assemble the European festival organization, Yourope’s security officers for networking and experience exchange. It became the start of the collaboration today known as YES Group and has held 23 security seminars around Europe. Henrik, together with Professor Chris Kemp, leads this network.