Lucian Mindruta

Journalist – Digi FM


Lucian is a journalist with over 20 years of experience in the media, where he has implemented a number of printed media and television projects.

He is currently the head of content and social media at DigiFM, a public space dedicated to trending topics in the realm of social media. He also has a personal social media presence that includes 153,000 followers on Facebook.

Lucian has worked as a media training professional for over ten years, teaching individuals how to relate better to the media, how to understand journalists, the art of speaking effectively in front of a camera, and how to successfully build an identity and impart a message on a conference stage, in business meetings, or at any other type of public speaking engagement.

He has been involved in many acclaimed online projects, including his own blog,, which has gathered a significant audience; and at the, which is a community of more than 500 cycling enthusiasts who go on cycling tours in Transylvania and elsewhere in Romania.