Dr. Raed Arafat

Secretary de State – Ministry of Internal Affairs


Dr. Raed Arafat is a medical doctor specialising in the field of disaster medicine. He also founded the Romanian Mobile Emergency, Rehabilitation and Extrication Service (SMURD), which was established in 1990.

Since 2007, Dr Arafat has coordinated the movement of various strategic emergency intervention programmes, such as: the emergency medical assistance system, as part of the Health Ministry; the Department of Emergency Situations; the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations; and the General Aviation Inspectorate for management operations in emergency situations, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He has extensive experience in emergency response operation coordination, and has participated in and organised numerous development training courses and seminars related to emergency medical assistance, outreach and emergency service management, and much more.

Dr Arafat is a member of multiple scientific and professional organisations, as part of the national and international emergency
medicine realm, and has authored and co-authored numerous field-specific textbooks, papers and articles. He has also earned many academic distinctions and titles that have been awarded by prestigious conferences and high-ranking national and international entities, including: the Legion of Honour at the class of Chevalier (Knight), bestowed by the president of France; the International Emergency Leadership Award, granted through the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM); a Knight for the Order for Merit, in Romania; as well as the rank of Officer, which was granted to him by Romania’s president as a reward for his active involvement and contribution to research, development and promotion of information and communication technology in Romania.