Brian Hetherman

Founder of Curve Music, Cerberus Management&Consulting, Sony Envy

He is the founder of Curve Music and Cerberus Management and Consulting and in mid-2018, re-launched his label, Sonic Envy, as both a label and a music services company to better serve the evolving needs of artists. Over his 25-plus year career Brian Hetherman has developed a truly overarching perspective and deep skill set that he’s applied relentlessly to helping artists reach their goals. He has extensive experience across all levels of the record label world, leading him to become the youngest head of A&R for both MCA Records & MCA Music Publishing (now Universal Music Group). Brian has filled executive roles at organizations including FACTOR, Radio Starmaker, International Music Managers Forum, Music Managers Forum Canada, CCMA & MROC, in addition to founding Curve Music and Cerberus Artist Management.