Emil Ionescu

Emil Ionescu is a Romanian event organizer since 2004. He has organized over 2,000 events from clubs to big names like Judas Priest, Nightwish, Deftones, Disturbed, James Arthur, Slipknot, Garbage, Tom Odell, Slayer, Whitesnake or Evanescence that have had an audience of over 600,000 fans combined, under the brands BestMusic Live Concerts and Metealhead.

The company organizes around 150 shows every year from clubs to big arenas. With an accelerated growth in the last couple of years, BestMusic has had over 100,000 spectators in just the last 12 months. Emil Ionescu is also the founder and GM of iabilet.ro, starting with 2012, the market leader of ticketing services in Romania with over 1.500 active B2B clients (promoters, clubs, theaters and so on) and 1 milion tickets sold per year in Romania and Europe.